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Tray Sizes for Navara Figure Cases

Navara tray external dimensions

There are two sizes of Navara trays, the standard tray at 380mm x 255mm, and the half tray at 190mm x 255mm. Both fit in the full range of Navara cases, and are available in 5 tray depths.


Navara tray depths

At Navara, we think that the important depth for a tray is the actual depth of the compartment as that provides the space and protection for your models. The actual tray height is only important in order to know how many trays fit in a case.  For ease these are:

Quarter height trays have 25mm depth compartments

One Third height trays have 35mm depth compartments

Half height trays have 55mm depth compartments

Two Thirds height trays have 80mm depth compartments

Full height trays have 110mm depth compartments


Navara tray printouts

There are 1:1 scale printouts available of the core trays from the tray printouts page.


Navara custom trays

The Navara custom trays have the same overall size as regular trays, but are created for specific figures and vehicles.


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