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The TraySelector online tool has a cool feature we'd like to let you all know about in more detail.

When adding Trays or Tray Sets from the list using the buttons you may have noticed that some trays have been listed in the table shaded in Green and some have been shaded separately all in Orange.

This shading is more than just a display choose for our website, it actually indicates whether the tray will fit inside the case on you bench or not.

Trays shaded in Green are those that are able to fit inside the case you have on your bench already, whilst those shaded in Orange are those that are still applicable to the filter options you have chosen, but require a new case in order to be stored.

If you add an orange tray it will automatically add a new case for you with the tray inside that new case, allowing you to immediately add more trays to this new case from the new list still shaded in Green.Read more...

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The Hammerhead show is set to return next month with Kallistra heading up the event at Newark Showground on Saturday the 2nd March.

The Hammerhead show has Top Manufacturers and Traders and up to 60 Participation Games and Activities plus the Wargames Illustrated Painting Competition!

The George Stephenson Exhibition Hall offers a welcoming environment with plenty of space (3000sq metres), with natural light in which you can play games, shop for wargame goodies from a selection of top traders positioned around the perimeter of the hall. The visitor participation games are all located in the central area of the exhibition hall. It has its own catering facilities, which will be serving a variety of reasonably priced hot and cold food throughout the day.

The Pit Gaming will be there on our behalf with a selection of cases and trays. As with all shows we attend you can preorder your cases for collection at the event.

Find out about Hammerhead here

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Our sister site, KR Cases has an alternative range of cases and trays that will interest you too. On KR Cases you can choose from great range of cases and custom trays too, as well as picking different colour trays to match your army too!

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