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Hopefully everyone is having fun painting their new scenery and Admech HQ from last week but let us check out what is included in the latest issues of Imperium Magazine. This week let us have a look at Warhammer 40K Imperium issues 36 and 37.

Included in Issue 36 are the Magazine itself, and our first of 3 Necron Tomb Blades. These fast attack options come with three weapon options and a selection of gizmos to help improve their combat efficiency. Make sure to look up online the different ways to assemble these models as the magazine only shows the standard way.

Included in Issue 37 are the Magazine itself, and a set of Thermic Plama Conduits. This scenery set works really well in conjunction with the generators that you have already gotten with the magazine and will really help you make an awesome looking battlefield to play you collection of models on.Read more...

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As we covered in our previously articles we talked about the new search feature for TraySelector where we have added some new functionality to allow a model to be searched from directly inside TraySelector.

As before you can find the search box next to the area where you can type in the Tray code, this new search box allows any free text and it will display any trays that match your search within their tray description for what models they can store.Read more...

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