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Christmas is rapidly approaching, and Navara cases and trays are the perfect gift for your gaming friends and family. Of course, if you want to get these in time for the big day, you'll need to order them in time. We've prepared a list of dates for you to make sure you get your presents before Christmas!

9th December: Last Order Day for Airmail Delivers in the EU.

15th December: Last Order Day for UPS and FedEx Deliveries outside of the UK.

16th December: Last Order Day for 2nd Class Royal Mail Deliveries in the UK.

20th December: Last Order Day for 1st Class Royal Mail for the UK.

21st December: Last Order Day for UPS and FedEx Standard Deliveries for the UK.

22nd December: Last Order Day for UPS Next Day Deliveries in the UK.

If you have any questions just email us here or give us a call.

Navara - Cases and trays for tabletop gaming

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KR Multicase KR Multicase

As announced in a previous KR Cases news post we are supporting Fulginium Bowl again with their tournament weekend next year!

Today we wanted to share all the cases we are sending their way.

4x Aquilla1 - Each holds 18 2016 players
2x Aquilla2 - Each holds 40 classic players
2x Aquilla5 - Each holds 36 2016 players
2x KRQ - Each holds 40 classic players
2x KRH - Each holds 54 2016 players
1x Backpack - Holds 54 2016 players and 80 classic players

For our full suggestion of Blood Bowl trays check out our website here: https://www.krcases.com/bloodbowl

The event will be held on 4th March to 5th March 2023 and you can find out more about the event on their facebook page here

Or you can use the Guilded Forum here

KR Cases - putting figures first

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If you have an Amazon account and prefer to buy there, click here to get to our Amazon Store. Or if you have an ebay account and prefer to buy there, then click here to get to our ebay store.

Do you know that if you create a Navara login you will be able to see your orders, as well as create wish lists, and much more.

You can easily re-order previous products at the click of a button.

And if you have ordered from our Ebay or Amazon shops, then all your Navara Ebay and Navara Amazon store purchases will be in your account too.

Try the cases and trays from KR Cases too

Our sister site, KR Cases has an alternative range of cases and trays that will interest you too. On KR Cases you can choose from great range of cases and custom trays too, as well as picking different colour trays to match your army too!

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